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Comments (4)

1 Wannes Rams commented Permalink

Great tips Martin. I have been using instruction video's a lot while renovating our house recently and the difference in quality is very big.
You can find more and more manufacturers creating video's of how to install their products. It is indeed a shift in the documentation landscape

2 MARTIN KEEN commented Permalink

Thanks Wannes. Yes, no doubt about it in many cases how-to videos are replacing traditional technical documentation. I own an AR.Drone remote control helicopter and the instructions for operating and fixing it are entirely video based -- and all the better for it!

Next time I bring home flat-packed furniture I'd love to see a link to a video rather than those confusing instructions with badly drawn diagrams :-)

3 Brian Benson commented Permalink

Thanks for the tips. I just started adding how to / demo videos to my company's web site. I like the idea of captions and have been adding them. One other benefit of adding captions is that YouTube offers an option to translate the captions into other languages.

4 MARTIN KEEN commented Permalink

Thanks Brian. I've not experimented with the translation of captions in YouTube. I'd be interested to hear how well that has worked in practice.

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