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Comments (7)

1 Dwight Vaughn commented Permalink

Great list!
Appreciate the cool/creepy ratings. They seem spot-on to me.

2 Robert Mapstead commented Permalink

I want the Carrot app for my Android phone. Any similar app for Android?

3 Holly Nielsen commented Permalink

@Dwight - Thanks!

4 Holly Nielsen commented Permalink

@Robert - We haven't seen anything comparable to Carrot for the Android. It might be worth it to drop the developers a note and ask if they plan on introducing the app on Android.

5 Susan Bernstein commented Permalink

Brandi, Holly - thanks so much for sharing. I will definitely try a couple of these... and avoid some of the others!

6 Holly Nielsen commented Permalink

Thanks, Susan! We'd love to know which ones you use and like.

7 Tomas Kucerak commented Permalink

Interesting read.

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