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1 Samantha Klein commented Permalink

Sounds like a truly incredible event, loved reading your post and living vicariously through you. :)

2 Adam Smye-Rumsby commented Permalink

Interesting read. I agree that for many organizations, proprietary communities make sense -- although you do have to balance that with another best practice; that of being where your customers and partners are.
For any organization that offers tiered products or services, chances are there's a logical entry point to build a proprietary community -- for instance, an airline with an existing frequent flier program has a ready-made audience for a proprietary community. Members of the frequent flier program could be incented to participate by receiving an enhanced level of service compared to 3rd party networks or communities, or even the opportunity to earn additional miles by contributing to the community.

3 Jim Claussen commented Permalink

Good comments Adam.
To clarify... the discussion at the event was: build a proprietary community that your own and control, and use third party communities (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, etc.) as embassies to engage with people (where they are) and pull them into your proprietary community, your platform home base.

The issue is that many businesses have no proprietary community and put ALL their chips on the table building on someone elses sand, like a company page on Facebook, and when FB changes their policies, as they just did a month ago, the ground (sand) collapses under those businesses, severely and negatively impacting their ability to run, grow and engage with their community members.
An enterprise may, for example, build a robust customer or partner community on an IBM Connections platform, and use third party community properties (Twitter, YouTube, Slideshare, etc.) to connect with customers and partners, and pull them into deeper engagement on the home base Connections Community. Regardless of whatever happens with those third party properties, the business has it's main proprietary Connections Community where it can ensure a consistent high quality, high value, engagement environment with the community.

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