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1 CLAIRE GEORGE commented Permalink

Hi Samantha...interesting how social media has really shaped behaviour, not just in direct communication but things like the need to have feedback immediately. How different do you think these needs are to others in the workforce? I imagine that these trends are filtering into other generations as well.
P.S the link at the end is not working, I think it might simply be spelt incorrect and should be www.ibm.com/smarterworkforce

2 Samantha Klein commented Permalink

Claire - I couldn't agree more. I think it differs depending on the person as I believe a lot of people who didn't grow up with the internet at their fingertips are often overwhelmed by it all and wish there was less feedback and believe their juniors are far too needy.

3 Janet Sifers commented Permalink

This reminds me of some great networking advice I received recently -- make sure that your network is diverse so you can get a variety of perspectives. Network diversity should cover age, background, experiences and other dimensions. I hadn't been considering age a key dimension but will going forward.

4 Samantha Klein commented Permalink

You are absolutely right, Janet! :-D

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