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1 Carol Sumner commented Permalink

The PAIR one sounds the most interesting to me - it's not creepy because you know who you're dealing with. The other ones definitely feel risky. Fashism - (what a terrible name) - hope it doesn't get used for bullying.

2 Gwen Jenkins commented Permalink

Fashism--no sense of history there, huh?--will end up being self-policing, as long as users have sense enough to stop posting as soon as comments become uncivil. The in-app purchase feature gives the site a financial incentive to police any bullying that might discourage users from returning.

I guess you could turn the creepy tools around to make them useful to stalkees... letting them know when their stalkers are nearby.

3 Rex Marzke commented Permalink

Like so many social apps - if everyone isn't using it, it's not very useful. For example "Highlight". They're all a little creepy, except "Pair".

4 commented Trackback

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5 peter harvey commented Permalink

Will be watching Pair in 2014. I love the premise of it and so do my friends.

Was looking for new social networks. Found this:
Hopefully 2014 is the year the facebook-killer comes along.

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