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Comments (29)

1 Ian Farr commented Permalink

FYI - none of the links work when I access this blog in IE8, but do in Firefox (as you can see from this post) - other IBM pages are fine.
The content is useful, so thought I would highlight to you

2 Joyce Davis commented Permalink

Thanks Ian - those sites are actually experiences some problems as well, so I'm going to add a note to the blog until it gets fixed. I appreciate you taking the time to make a comment.

3 Harald Gaerttner commented Permalink

Will the LIvestream be compatible for mobile devices (e.g. iPad?)
Full site doesn't work as it requires flash ... so only a mobile compatible stream will allow to view this on the iPad.

4 Joyce Davis commented Permalink

Hi Harald - if you have the native Livestream mobile app, you can go to the IBM Software page to watch recorded video from the conference, but at this time, we're not providing Livestream to mobile devices.

5 Luis Benitez commented Permalink

Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing.. this is great!!!!

6 Henry Will IV commented Permalink

I'm looking forward to this year's Lotusphere! Thanks for this schedule, I will try to join the livestream!

7 Tom Steenbergen commented Permalink

I will be unable to watch the OGS live. Will it be made available to watch shortly afterwards?

8 Harald Gaerttner commented Permalink

@Joyce, thanks for the feedback - packed my laptop so I am fine now ;-)

9 Bob Pulver commented Permalink

Bridget van Kralingen's title/role should be updated

10 Richard Fenwick commented Permalink

The link to http://www.livestream.com/ibmsoftware has an extra space - it loads http://www.livestream.com/ibmsoftware%20 (at least in IE8)

11 Nora Chase commented Permalink

When will replays of the sessions be made available?

12 Angelique Matheny commented Permalink

Hi Tom Steenbergen, The OGS will be placed behind registration and made available sometime tomorrow. http://ibm.co/w9vfSC Check back tomorrow. It was really good...

13 Rick Schenck commented Permalink

@Angelique Matheny - I want to share the OGS with my team. Do you know when today the link (http://ibm.co/w9vfSC) will be updated?

14 Sue Cohen commented Permalink

Will the sessions be recorded? If so, where can we find them. I am particularly interested in Session BP304: The Way of the Social Dragon.

15 Henry Will IV commented Permalink

I tuned in yesterday (Jan 17) at 4pm for the Connect 2012 closing session, but INV309 was still going on. I listened in until about 4:39pm and still didn't see the closing session. Is it just my browser or has the schedule changed? I'm also interested in replays - how can we get to them?

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