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imageGuest post by Pethuru Raj PhD, Infrastructure Architect, IBM Global Cloud Center of Excellence (CoE)

Part 1 of a 3 part series: Envisioning the Strategic Value of IBM Smarter Analytics Suite for Communication Service Providers

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These days a bevy of breakthroughs are erupting and evolving in the ICT domain in the form of innovative, transformative and disruptive technologies in order to ably and adeptly meet the rising business concerns and challenges. Of course, there are other noteworthy things in the form of new holistic and enterprise-scale architectural patterns such as service oriented architecture(SOA), event driven architecture(EDA), resource oriented architecture(ROA), etc. Process excellence is seeing a lot of bright spots through proven and pioneering methods for facilitating process orchestration, engineering, and management needs, while infrastructure rationalization and simplification mechanisms are gaining a bigger momentum.

Technologies, the key drivers and differentiators

Someone wrote sometime back that the next 20 years would see as many innovations as in the last 500 years. In the recent past, a bunch of computing, imagecommunication, and actuation technologies have emerged and evolved fast in order to simplify and streamline the realization of scores of revolutionary, real-time and real-world applications. The highly visible accomplishments include cognitive and resilient software solutions, reverberating social sites, connected and smarter organizations, instant-on enterprises, and knowledge societies.

The future too seems to be very bright. A wide variety of edge technologies in the form of micro and nano-scale self, surroundings and situation-aware tags carrying our personal profile and preferences digitally will merge and mingle with others in our everyday environments towards the effortless fulfillment of several human aspirations. The unique factor of these edge technologies is that they are effortlessly implantable and affordable to smoothly empower any tangible object into smart material. This means our daily artifacts and articles can be digitally empowered to be smart in their operations, outputs and outlooks. This purpose-specific transition gets done by smartly embedding fresh functional modules into ordinary objects and by externally attaching them with ultra-small computers to be distinct in their actions and reactions. For example, our coffee cups, dinner plates, tablets, and clothes will be enabled to act smart in their dealings and deeds with other assets in the vicinity, the remote cloud-based cyber applications, and even with their owners and users.

The Relevance of Business Technologies

Once upon a time, it was all about technology-driven businesses. That is, business operations were automated by leveraging the available technologies. Today the prevailing scenario is totally different. That is, there are a plenty of proven business-driven technologies such as service orientation, cloudand big data, mobility, and real-time analytics. These considerably reduce the gap between the business evolution and the technological realities. Business ventures are hence capable of statistically and successfully strategizing to keep the edge earned intact. It is no secret that promising technologies are being recognized and recommended as the best enabler of business automation, acceleration and augmentation. Technologies, in short, empower worldwide businesses to plan and prioritize ahead to sustain their relevance, competency, and capability so they can deliver delectable value to their constituencies and customers alike.

In a nutshell, technologies are fast maturing towards producing adaptive and affordable solutions. The technology-driven integration among diverse materials at the ground (physical) level with scores of business software packages at the cyber level (cloud) will pour out a stream of dynamic applications for business IT to thrive. Thus the vision of intelligence everywhere is seeing a neat and nice realization.

In the ensuing blogs, I will write about the current state of the telecommunication domain and how IBM's smarter analytics suitecomes handy in rescuing and resuscitating communication service providers (CSPs) to be more relevant to their subscribers and users.

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