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"A police department (or any organization) that acts solely on analytics and not in the context of situational awareness is set up for failure."
A great point Shawn.
The process is not different from the processes the police is currently using. The difference is that if it is based on the data in stead of human interpretation it used more consistently and in the same way across all entities, minimizing the effect of prejudices & biases and other human decision making frailties and judgment errors. The inputs used are most effective when based on policing knowledge expertise and processes. If there's no link to day-to-day practices there's no way to adapt current decision making.

It also makes police decision making more transparent since the algorithms will only deliver the required results if the environment in which they function has been made more explicit. I usually refer to this as the decisioning architecture: the definition and rules on how algorithms will be used for decision making within the political, strategical, tactical and operational objectives, goals, opportunities and constraints. This decisioning architecture is defined and therefor influenced not by the algorithms or the technology but by the societal, political and management layers surrounding the application.

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