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This is exactly what cognos needed to do.

My business has been pressuring me to look at other options (such as QlikView) because cognos came up short in visualization capability. (until now it appears)
I'm on 10.2 now, so upgrading to 10.2.1 shouldn't be too much of problem. And, the gains seems quite extraordinary.
Great article. I'm totally excited!

2 Rajesh Kumar Vanam commented   Permalink     No RatingsRatings 0

I am exploring new visualizations in 10.2.1 and have one basic question, is there a way we can change color palette and apply gardient colors for these visualizations?

The deafult color palette looking pale and dull.

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Because these visualizations are based on IBM's Rapidly Adaptive Visualization Engine (RAVE) they are customizable. Color palettes can be adjusted. Tooling is planned to allow for customizations to the RAVE-based visualizations. Until that is available, requests for customizations can be made through the Business Analytics support team service offerings. Inquiries about the customization offering can be made to

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