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Nice post Beth - you really captured the "wow" customer experience Lavelle delivered that day. However, there is a pretty neat facet to the story that you glossed over so I'll share it here.
When you say you printed out the feedback and went across the street "to personally deliver the note to Lavelle..." you did so because your customer experience was so positive that you wanted to make 100% sure Lavelle actually *received* your feedback.
Your key question to him after handing him the sheet was "do you see the comments people like me submit online?" And this question is what prompted Lavelle to show us to the "inner sanctum billboard" where he posts the weekly satisfaction reports received by DD corporate.
I wanted to share this part of the story because I just came back from IBM Connect (#ibmconnect) where one topic of discussion was how organizations can *internally* socialize feedback, metrics, and the like to drive an improved customer experience. Our chat with Lavelle demonstrated Dunkin' Donuts' (and this franchise's) commitment to using customer feedback to increase customer lifetime value.
Side note to Dunkin' Donuts Corporate: I wore the “Friends don’t let friends drink Starbucks” t-shirt all the way back from Orlando, Florida to Chicago this past week. Just about everyone I passed strained to read it, and the TSA at MCO got a real kick out it. Given two crowded airports connected by a crowded plane, I think it is safe to assume that hundreds (if not 1,000+) people in two states were exposed to your brand and made aware of your current campaign.
And this is all because Lavelle was working to make sure you, as a customer, were "happy."

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