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Great post. Here's a view of how '5W and 1H' applies to Government/Public Sector agencies.

5W1H For The Public Sector
IBM Social Media Analytics helps governments & security agencies to use social media to gain insight into opinions and spot trends related to safety, security and citizens welfare. An analytic application with unmatched scalability, IBM Social Media Analytics can help you learn what citizens are hearing and saying about their safety, security and things that matter to them most. It enables you to answer questions such as:
• How are citizens responding to our latest anti-drink and drive campaign? Is the feedback good or bad?
• What are the most highly valued services from our department?
• Which messages from extremists are resonating online?
• Are there negative comments that our public relations team should address? Are the comments true or false?
• What is citizens sentiment toward their experience at police stations?
• Can citizens find the service they’re looking for quickly ?
• Who is influencing public opinion’s on sensitive issues online?
• What are the key unreported crimes that have not been reported at stations?
• How are fraudsters targeting innocent citizens ?
• What do citizens feel about the response time to emergency calls ?
Backed by extensive IBM research, the rich sentiment analysis and packaged reporting capabilities of IBM Social Media Analytics enable organizations to identify top influencers, measure the volume of commentary, and perform geo-location across multiple digital and social channels, including video and commentary found in various forums.
As a part of the IBM Business Analytics portfolio, IBM Social Media Analytics maintains a history of social media commentary that can be analyzed and seamlessly integrated with Cognos Business Intelligence and SPSS predictive analytics for rich analysis of consumer interests, motivations and preferences. In addition, the pre-built data configuration tools and data integration kit, which are included with IBM Social Media Analytics, provide optimal flexibility to access different external and internal social media data sources.

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