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Big Data by Anyone's Standards

Jeffrey Hong | 2013-11-08 10:48:20.0 | Tags:  retail bigdata industries analytics | 0 Comments

Recently I came across an Harvard Business Review (HBR) article with the following stat: 2.5 exabytes of data are created each day, and that number is doubling every 40 months or so (Oct. 2012). An exabyte is one billion gigabytes. The article illustrates this point using Walmart as an example (...)

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Breaking performance barriers with IBM Platform Computing and InfoSphere BigInsights

GORDON SISSONS | 2013-10-30 14:22:26.0 | Tags:  benchmark infosphere platformcomputing mapreduce biginsights hadoop bigdata | 0 Comments

IBM recently introduced a new Adaptive MapReduce capability as a core feature of IBM InfoSphere® BigInsightsTM Enterprise Edition, IBM’s big data Hadoop offering.  Adaptive MapReduce, based on technology from IBM Platform Computing, provides customers with the option to replace the open source Hadoop implementation included in BigInsights with an advanced, (...)

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BigInsights and Platform Computing - MapReduce gets a Turbo-charge

Taking Adaptive MapReduce out for a spin IBM InfoSphere BigInsights 2.1 was recently released and is chocked full of features. Among these are things like BigSQL, GPFS FPO, improved reliability and more. As a Platform Computing person, the most exciting new feature to me is the introduction of Adaptive MapReduce - essentially a stripped down (...)

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What is Driving the growth of Big Data?

Peter Basmajian | 2012-12-07 09:58:01.0 | Tags:  information platformsymphony dummies structured hadoop unstructured analytics big platform data bigdata platformcomptuing | 0 Comments

Just as no single definition of Big Data exists, no specific cause exists for what’s behind its rapid rate of adoption. Instead, several distinct trends have contributed to Big Data’s momentum. New data sources Today, we have more generators of information than ever before. These data creators include devices such as mobile (...)

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