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Cheaper, Faster, EDA in the Cloud...

Jeff Karmiol | 2015-06-07 22:21:11.0 | Tags:  design cloud sicad softlayer dac lsf hpc electronics simulation platform eda | 0 Comments

Isn’t it strange that an industry that prides itself so much on innovation by delivering smaller, faster and more energy efficient technologies still functions using old software licensing models? EDA tools and resources on which to run them are expensive, very expensive, and this stops people from entering the market, (...)

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Event: 52nd Design and Automation Conference (DAC)

Andrew Jolie | 2015-05-29 10:04:49.0 | 0 Comments

Join IBM on June 7th in San Francisco for the 52nd annual Design & Automation Conference (DAC). As the premier conference for the design and automation of electronic systems, DAC offers outstanding training, education, exhibits and superb networking opportunities for designers, researchers, tool developers and vendors. IBM will showcase its flagship (...)

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Deploy and manage your Spark clusters with ease and efficiency

Andrew Jolie | 2015-05-26 10:15:43.0 | 0 Comments

Do you need to get an Apache Spark cluster up and running quickly for an important project? Do you perhaps need more than one in order to manage different Spark releases or support different workgroups? Instead of piecing together a solution using unproven tools, why not use high-performance cluster management (...)

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Is Pandora lurking in your HPC center?

Gabor Samu | 2015-05-07 14:33:46.0 | Tags:  monitoring dashboard operations hpc reporting management cluster workload | 0 Comments

Humans are curious. Whether it’s a child asking if the refrigerator light turns off when we close the door or why airplanes stay up in the sky, there is always a need to know and understand what is happening in our environment. This explains why so many creations that we (...)

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