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Supercomputing 2014: Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Gabor Samu | 2014-11-26 13:36:33.0 | Tags:  management platform scheduling lsf ibm openpower workload cluster hpc energy grid systems data centric aware | 0 Comments

BAM! As the say in New Orleans, let the good times roll!  Looking back at Supercomputing 2014, there is much to be excited about in the world of high performance computing. Things started off with the significant announcement that the U.S. Department of Energy awarded IBM contracts to develop "data centric" supercomputers (...)

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What's cookin’ down on the bayou?

Gabor Samu | 2014-11-07 13:21:35.0 | Tags:  openpower ibm platform workload throughput computing cluster management optimize power8 | 0 Comments

This year, SC14 takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana, a place known for its famous creole and cajun cuisines.  Much like the food, Supercomputing this year is lining up to be a very spicy event.  With the recent divestiture of IBM System x to Lenovo, and the tremendous momentum behind (...)

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Enabling organizations to achieve better business results faster

Andrew Jolie | 2014-11-04 10:31:36.0 | 0 Comments

New capabilities transform cloud, cluster and grid infrastructure to increase efficiency and accelerate time to innovation.   IBM Platform Computing products and services continue to evolve to meet the increasing demands that businesses and research organizations face. This includes the need for distributed computing environments that deliver higher quality results in less (...)

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Throughput and Agility - Why it matters to your business

Gabor Samu | 2014-10-02 13:52:18.0 | 0 Comments

Businesses around the globe are continually seeking the competitive edge, utilizing every advantage available to them. High Performance Computing (HPC) and the ability to streamline business processes while maintaining critical deadlines via effective workload management are key elements to success in most large scale business, research, and development strategies. There are (...)

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