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Deploy and manage your Spark clusters with ease and efficiency

Andrew Jolie | 2015-05-26 10:15:43.0 | 0 件のコメント

Do you need to get an Apache Spark cluster up and running quickly for an important project? Do you perhaps need more than one in order to manage different Spark releases or support different workgroups? Instead of piecing together a solution using unproven tools, why not use high-performance cluster management (...)

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Is Pandora lurking in your HPC center?

Gabor Samu | 2015-05-07 14:33:46.0 | タグ:  dashboard monitoring operations hpc reporting management cluster workload | 0 件のコメント

Humans are curious. Whether it’s a child asking if the refrigerator light turns off when we close the door or why airplanes stay up in the sky, there is always a need to know and understand what is happening in our environment. This explains why so many creations that we (...)

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Event: IBM at Bio-IT World

Andrew Jolie | 2015-04-08 16:29:46.0 | タグ:  ibm event lifescience storage sdi bigdata bioit bioinformatics informatics | 0 件のコメント

Join IBM at BIO-IT World in Boston on April 21-23. Register by April 10 to obtain an complementary expo and keynote pass. At a glance Bio IT IBM Speaking Tracks. If you would like to attend any of our 4 sessions - contact Gretchen White Book a one on one meeting with IBM (...)

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Event: HPC on Wall Street

Andrew Jolie | 2015-03-31 11:50:35.0 | タグ:  newyork hpc finance wallstreet event fss | 0 件のコメント

Plan to Attend – Plan to Exhibit. 2015 HPC for Wall Street will deliver top-notch content and connections. Cloud Technology, Big Data, Low Latency, Networks, Data Centers, APIs, Scalability, cost savings for the global financial markets. Leading Wall Street IT directors and vendor technology experts will speak on the program. Speakers will cover (...)

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