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[Trackback] Finally!!! Thanks. I kept making the mistake adding the first one to CSS and the second to HTML� Instead of both together in the html box as you explained� Once I followed your instructions it was instant! Thanks! How about Twitter cards? Trying to...

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[Trackback] @biggist, i think that last money mike post was a deliberate joke. That�s why i think it says v.2. But it�s still hilarious. I think he�s full of shit regardless.I like how he says he is one of the pioneers who started this shit. HAHA! How was he...

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[Trackback] Greetings to my friend Isabela Branc,

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[Trackback] In the above comment I meant �Why does JSF process the value expressions in the XML comments�.

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[Trackback] I thought this was a pretty good article. Thanks!

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[Trackback] TOMS Shoes �la vente, qui n'ont certainement pas l'air bon march� de la mode �l'�ard de moins! Marcher la t�e haute cette ann� et profiter d'une s�ie de magnifiques chaussures �talons hauts pour le jour ou la date particuli�e jeune fi...

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[Trackback] We have Hardie Board siding on our manufactured home. We would like to attach a garden ornament or two to the back side of our home. However we are concerned that the siding will crack if we nail or screw anything to it. Is this a legetimate concern?

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[Trackback] Way to go Elbert! Just received notice of the publication yesterday in the mail, and ordered my book first thing this morning. I am thrilled with your project, happy and praying for your continued success, and excited about receiving my book of tea cak...

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[Trackback] pharell is definitely an ��og�� he produced rump shaker in 1992��.lol

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[Trackback] Appreciate the information!��I��m always looking for more information on increase traffic to your website for our Search Engine Optimization company. Thanks, have an awesome day.

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[Trackback] realy thank you for starting this up.

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[Trackback] maaaan fuk all ya! after all i did for this culture, introducing herc to the world by pluggin up his equipment to them street lights. after givin caz a few bars he could spit that was hot.after i done urged busy bee to battle his moms after she said so...

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[Trackback] Gorgeous!! Love the custom white aisle

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[Trackback] I don��t know what you are trying to do but last I tried, I found it far easier to locate a tag on an HTML page with a CSS selector than to laboriously match out the text with a pattern (not to mention having to manually handle charsets, unescaping...

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