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Comments (8)

1 Ryan Putnam commented Permalink

Nice job! We are looking forward to testing this new functionality.

2 Tony Curcio commented Permalink

Thanks Ryan. Definitely keep me posted as your team there is moving forward. Will be interested to find other patterns you find this useful for.

3 Kiran Surapaneni commented Permalink

Nice one Tony. More detailed than the KT session.

4 Tony Curcio commented Permalink

Hey Kiran. Thought you might be interested in the next one as well.

A little more detail on the new cache feature in the Transformer.

5 vasu koti commented Permalink

Kudos Tony Curcio and Judy for elobrating and sharing information Extreemly useful,
Excelent Job Tony thanks for sharing Good Job with regards -Vasudev Koti

6 Rickard Engström commented Permalink

Thanks for this piece of info, Tony.
Have hade the pleasure of working together with your swedish colleagues at IBM for almost a year now. It has been most valuable and helpful, and some of the features I've been lacking they've told me would be coming up in 8.5, wich is perfect. But there's one thing I've been thinking about. Having a background as a Java developer, I've been arguing back and forth with myself whether or not there would be much to gain with an extended Exception/Error handling. Is there by chance any new features on that matter in 8.5?
And another feature I personally can benefits with is some kind of Performance Statistics for Sequences - as w parallell jobs. Just to be able to see the an overall picture of the result of the seuence (any failed jobs and such).
And finally - if this is in your domains - I would greatly appreciate the possibillity to, from within the Director, open jobs in the DS Designer. Let's say you find a job failed, and you're not sure where in the Repository that is, you could rigtht click in the Director and chose to open up the corresponding Job in the DS Designer.

Maybe some or none of theese are "undoable", but anyway, just som reflections...

7 Rickard Engström commented Permalink

Today I found the answer to the last question, as there is already such functionality in 8.1 (Director) where you'll be able to open up DS jobs directly from within the Director


8 Sambit Kumar Sahoo commented Permalink

Thanks Tony, this gave me a basic understanding of the looping logic in transformer. My scenario is bit varied. I would like to bring it up on to you to solution it. Please share if we can do it elsewhere or I will provide the input here itself?

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