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Is thevibram five fingers australia Yi how can what he beats to come?" Cheap Beats By Dre The red rhyme a little bit puzzles of answer a telephone, walk to part.Led soon, the red rhyme came back."What matter?"Zhao Tie Zhu asks a way."This returns be really magic, we this just made reference to my university, I the leader of class in university time beat for me call, said enjoy a get-together."The red rhyme says with smile."You 30 many also make classmate party?""Can not?Don't think 30 many the person Be getting older, in fact we can still morally upright young!Party on this Saturday evening, at Long Teng hotel, I does this leader of class still make me take an I man, do you say that I want to take you to go?"The red rhyme charmingly femininely looking at Zhao Ties Zhu."This, with you then, I see to have time when the time comes."Zhao Tie Zhu says."Hum, still have to you sometimes you just go BE?That calculate, I seek a comparison to depend to compose of, affirmation can go."The red rhyme is cold to hum 1."If the oh, that is all right, when the time comes I am have no time, will also take time to keep what you go company."Zhao Tie Zhu says."You, can not take no cognizance me?"Traverse snow and looking at is beating two people whom the feeling scolds Qiao, a burst of band together, especially Zhao Tie Zhu, really make her feeling over completely whole Cheses thoroughly not understanding of the bottom, this person, time just fought, can be so brave, so dominant, then again very iron blood and Ao however, after behind and oneself gets on the car, and then become very trivial to lust for women, the person of like this multiple personalities, seem to be clear good dinner of a layer, just started maying make people don't adapt to,cheap monster beats but waited really and more after tasting severals, you will discover, so the layer was clear but again self-contradict thing, will make people unbearable to addict into.The in the mind that traverses snow starts to Zhao Tie Zhu and produced a little of curious, curious about Zhao Tie Zhu, why can so naturally convert in various role in each personality space, in the red rhyme in front, gentleness of and a little lover is general, but in oneself's in front, but is overbearingly imitate a Buddha the Chu overlord is similar, in enemy's in front, but is coldly imitate if fix Luo generally."Huming is indeed as expected a mental derangement."Traverse snow dark hum 1."Oh, Ling Xue, you is jealous?Ha ha, unimportant, the elder sister is getting older, this world is finally still your young man of, iron pillar is also still young, you opportunity to have plenty of.""Red elder sister Yun, you can be not old."Traverse snow to say with a smile, but is don't realize a making fun of of red rhyme words inside."The gosh didn't go, you see my daughter and all read Gao San all, am I still not old?"The red rhyme shook to shake head.Zhao Tie Zhu takes two women and turns head a rate to almost attain a hundred per cent all the way, a lot of girls were attracted to Zhao Tie Zhu, while the red rhyme and Ling Xue then have no to hang to read of drew on all boys attention.Spend more than ten minutes to walk to biggest assembly hall of FJ university, the assembly hall inside at this time, have already sat full person, Zhao Tie Zhu directly takes Ling Xue and red rhyme to walk to first row.The president of FJ university's waiting leadership in the school has already sat here."Iron pillar, congratulate you, ha ha."The president sees Zhao Tie Zhu and smile to nod to say "hello", although Zhao Tie Zhu's identity is very marvelous, in the whole school teachers and the students' in front, the president should have of act with dignity, or need of, so the president has never stood to start."Ha ha, all of this are the classmates, the teachers of of support."Zhao Tie Zhu's this fellow very will be a person as well, the nature isn't silly to force of peep out a very marvelous appearance to elder brothers."Iron pillar you didn't want condescension, these 2 BE??"The president imitates a Buddha to just see Ling Xue and red rhyme's appearance and curiously asks a way."These two friends who is me, I take them to come over to play, there is still seat having no here?Words of having no I allow them to sit the behind went to."Zhao Tie Zhu asks a way."You asked like this, having no the seat musted also have seat."President's in the mind the dark way is a , on the face but is have no what not good facial expression, but warmly say, " has, here seat much go to."Say words, the person of the president to the body side beat an expression of eyes, nature have that person who is good at ascertaining intent through word and expres,


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the station starts to say, " president, I this hasvibram five fingers some a matter and walked first.""H'm H'm, all right."The president also has no to request more to stay,cheap beats put a person to leave.The person, who is good at ascertaining intent through word and expres, is a not only, this person just talk, again someone stood, is also occupied and walked, this traversed snow and red rhyme of seat problem, a while solve."You sit here, I still have to go to backstage, Niang of, after a while still have to go up to walk to show, is whole life greatly so long, haven't walked to show."Zhao Tie Zhu has a little to awkward and shily say."Have no matter son, we can't smile yours."The red rhyme Wu mouth says with smile."That do you still smile now?""Now smiles first to arrive not to want to smile and after a while smiles not to come out."Red rhyme answer way."Is all right …" Zhao Tie Zhu the helpless Song shrug shoulders and turned round to walk into backstage.But there has been at this time, in the backstage many people, in don't lack handsome boy and beauty, Li Ling Er sits upright in a disguise mirror front, is drawing a makeup.Today's Li Ling Er is dressed in a thin aureate bunch chest evening dress, the show hair in a head of black covers with at shoulder up,beats by dre match with that kid Yan again, the whole individual seems to be to lure dint hundred percent, but that huge chest, is also bunch chest to support tightly, that together deep ditch, almost and deeply disappear bottom.Like a big ditch!Zhao Tie Zhu dark great 1, smiled to head for Li Ling Er."Work properly son, the evening is really beautiful."What Zhao Tie Zhu occupied vantage pointed looking at to sit to reign Li Ling Er who places the last disguise and sees into from this position, that gutters' seeming to be more is getting deeper."Xi Xi, that is a matter of course, the somebody else is a campus queen to come!"Li Ling Er sarcastically says."That am I also grass in the school!"Zhao Tie Zhu gets saying of Se."To, you hurriedly turn a makeup to go."Li Ling Er says."Where did you turn it ?""Here!"A effeminate voice rings out.Zhao Tie Zhu follows reputation to go to, not from greatly sigh a , I Lei go to!Chapter 856 works properly son to help a disguise[this chapter word number:2133 latest renewal time:2011-11-2012:00:00.0] is in the moment pretty much soft United States being a…man ….Yes, Zhao Tie Zhu make sure at present this person, is a man, but, his foppery and talk of tone action, all heel a woman generally have no two, even in, he is Beats">http://www.edocrazy.com">Beats By Dr Dre Mixr getting more beautiful than the general woman.That powder delicate powder delicate Qiao face up, be beaten last 1 F light foundation cream,cheap beats by dre seem to be the whole face Be getting more pure white, on the oval face of standard, a rightness of Feng eyes gleam moving, but that almost grows the long hair of loins, drive he to weave a horsetail plait similar thing, most give dint of BE, the bitter end in that horsetail plait, there is also a bowknot of pink.This person's clothes over there, the last body is a long sleeve of woolens and flannel, a very small V gets, and the clothes inside has a very small scaled bra!Yes, everyone didn't see wrong, is a bra!!Different from bad omen in"benefactor top of head bad omen" bra!Zhao Tie Zhu really wants to ask him, Ni Ma you don't have that trick, how still not bashful wear a bra?Ni Ma you wear and then wear, why and must wear a C cover cup of, you this is to place the girl whom numerous A.Bs cover a cup in where!!Is all right, even if is a C cover cup also doesn't matter, Ni Ma you why still inside you fill of the cotton peep out a let somebody else see, you is this to want to tell everyone that you in fact have no chest?See that again body, Bohemian long skirt of a powder color, Zhao Tie Zhu originally is pretty much liked Bohemian long skirt, but why Zhao Tie Zhu saw this Bohemian long skirt today, will have a kind of felling that is suffused with Ou?Especially under that long skirt of feet, Ni Ma is that a high-heeled shoes?And still that kind of sandals the similar high-heeled shoes is also Tu Zhu's some colors on toe A."This is …?"Zhao Tie Zhu tooks a look Li Ling Er, and then sees for a while in the moment this strange Pa


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