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1 Alex COZETTE commented Permalink

This is so true.

It's incredible how those reminders seem simple but are still sometimes totally missed by both business and IT.
A few weeks ago I delivered a Business Analyst training. I had 12 people in the room: IT, BA and Business. On the third day I asked them to make groups and to present to the others a simple business process with one or two Decision Point and for each decision point the input/output and a couple of rule samples. No group really got it right (rules put in the process, mixing process and technical architecture, Decision Point that could be a simple routing rule in the process...). Of course that made my questioned my trainer talent but most importantly I learned how hard it is for people to apply those reminders.
For years we have thought in terms of vertical applications, procedural language, UI, DB etc. SOA, BPM and Decision definitely introduce a shift in thinking and a lot of companies want to go that way but are not totally ready yet.
Thus the importance of:
1 - think big but start small
2 - involving specialists who have been doing Decision Management for years
3 - CIO/CTO sponsorship
4 - start with the right product (remember, think big)

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