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1 Kathleen Holm commented Trackback

This is a very exciting announcement. I really like the customer-centric approach--single product, single delivery, single installation, single invoice, single support structure.

2 Ria Debra Hyman commented Permalink

IBM has been engaged with clients for years in cloud implementations and this new offering is a result of all those learnings rolled up into one neat package to make life simpler for all our customers. Pretty cool!

3 Kevin Myers commented Permalink

Really like that we are doing video with our press releases and announcements now. It is a great feature.

4 Butch Rambish commented Permalink

In addition to a customer centric solution, it's nice to see a complete solution that spans hardware and software being presented.

5 barbara kennedy commented Permalink

A simple and cost effective solution to operationalize a dynamic infrastructure!

6 commented Trackback

[トラックバック] IBMでは最近、 Smart ・・・という言葉を多く発信しています。 ここでちょっと言葉の整理をしてみましょう。 Smarter Planet  : IBMの新しいCorporate Vision これは簡単に言えば、「ITを活用することで賢い地球を創出していこう」 というコンセプトです。詳細は、以下のページまで。 http://www.ibm.com/innovation/jp/smarterplanet/ スマートな世界の実現に向けた4つの課題 スマートな世界の実現に向...

7 Ria Hyman commented Trackback

Today IBM announced a new release of IBM CloudBurst, version 1.2. Read about the expanded capabilities of this release - it will allow organizations to pilot and prove a cloud computing model, and provide the tools needed to extend cloud offerings into production. Check it out here http://ow.ly/yZmh

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