Emerging Technology

Innovation that matters.

    What we offer

    There are four key elements to our work spanning many industry and technology areas.

    Research and Creation – generating brand new ideas and things of value

    Communication and Explanation – exploring what can be done and how to use it

    Exploitation and Elaboration – delivering proof of concepts and first-of-a-kind solutions

    Collaboration and Enabling – partnering to create and share capabilities.

    Technical innovation

    Using Innovation to solve real world challenges. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We can help you build a solution from scratch, explore a new technology or work with your teams to help define a solution to enhance your business.



    We are often asked to share our insight and expertise on the topic of innovation. We have a number of different strategies for enabling innovation as there is no one size-fits-all approach but the elements of people, culture and collaboration pervade them all.


    Assets & Open Source

    Depending on the situation we have a number of assets which may be of use to solving your current challenge. Some of these technologies have been open sourced to enable greater collaboration.

    Our current assets: