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    Social Business

    It's people who create value for your business. New ways of working and rich collaborative technologies are driving new levels of idea generation, collaboration and communication.

    What are we doing in this area

    Social Business is much more than just Social Media! In Emerging Technology Services we are very interested in the human behaviour and psychology aspects of Social Business and how techniques arising from an understanding of these might be used to improve the user experience to drive better business outcomes. We look to the IBM product portfolio for key capabilities in delivering a Social Business solution, or applying complex analytic solutions to existing Social Media sources but we also realise that this is not enough. There are many great examples of powerful and emerging social behaviour on the web, and lots of research and experimentation into new ideas and approaches which we observe closely and apply in project engagements when appropriate.


    The application of game-playing mentality in non-game contexts and experimenting with what game mechanics most appeal in different situations. Gamification is more that just badges and points and a deep understanding of the business problem, the desired behaviour and the user motivations means that a good gamification solution requires design, experimentation, time and effort.

    Social Media

    This rich source of information can be used for many purposes but getting highly relevant insight and information can be challenging, especially when you want to change the focus of the information processing quickly as new ideas emerge or areas of interest appear. We have good experience in Social Media analytics, sentiment analysis and entity detection but we are especially interested in how these techniques can be quickly adapted by non-technical business users without the need for deep technical skills, complex tooling and processes. This is an ongoing area of interest for us and relates well to our ongoing research into language technologies. You can read more about IBM and Social Business here [link].