Emerging Technology

Innovation that matters.


    Based at IBM's Hursley Labs in the UK, ET are a small and highly skilled team with experience across a wide range of industries and technologies.

    The Emerging Technology team has over 20 years experience working with clients to bridge the divide between new technology and mainstream software products. A relentless focus on new ways of working and new ideas has fuelled that long history. The team fuses direct customer experience with innovation and first-of-a-kind technology to produce compelling solutions to solve real business challenges.

    The team is made up of highly skilled technical professionals, including some of IBM’s most prolific inventors, with a proven track record of delivering innovative proof of concepts and bespoke solutions to IBM clients across a wide range of business areas.

    We are part of the IBM Strategy and Technology Division within IBM Software Group and have strong links with many research organisations.

    Follow us on Twitter @ibmets.

    Innovation Day

    The Emerging Technology Centre was a hive of activity, playing host to back-to-back events in support of the UK company’s strategic initiatives – Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social & Security (CAMSS), and more.

    Featured Projects