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    An augmented reality mobile app that can layer configurable realtime information on a view of the world.

    The context

    Farsight screenshot Today maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) tasks typically involve an engineer visiting a site, finding the right machine. If they run into difficulty, they might call for help from a remote supervisor or product expert.

    The mobile system, using a combination of augmented reality and robotics, will help field engineers accurately locate equipment, provide them with critical information and receive real-time visual support from supervising experts based remotely.

    How it works

    The new system allows a supervisor to monitor an engineer's progress towards the maintenance site, using GPS. Once on site, an engineer can use a smart phone and QR codes to locate and identify an asset and receive maintenance instructions. The smart phone uses augmented reality technology to overlay points of interest over a plan of the site, which can include the location of other engineers, first aid stations and health and safety apparatus.

    The data displayed in the Augmented Reality view is pushed to the smart phone using IBM Messaging technology in realtime.

    A combination of GPS positioning and tilt sensors in the phone enable objects to be drawn in realtime on the video display highlighting their position. The use of QR codes on physical objects allows additional layers of information relevant to objects to be overlaid on top.

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