Emerging Technology

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    Big Data & Analytics

    The Big Data platform is complex and to extract the high value insights require deep knowledge and understanding of many fields (Data processing, statistics, Machine learning, Text analysis, ETL)

    It is all about the data!

    The insights can only be found among the large amount of data available today on these platforms after careful planning and integration of disparate components. We utilise the powerful Big Insights platforms as a base for our analytics, but delivering innovative solutions to customers often require extra features or integration schemes beyond out-of-the-box product capabilities especially in text analysis, fraud and data transformation.

    Open profile of customers or organisations

    The rich sources of live information available on the web can be used to provide a deeper understanding of customers of organisations. But this information is written in many different unstructured ways and getting the right facts at the right place require complex text analytics and quite smart disambiguation techniques.

    Near-real time compliance enforcement so the enterprise is less exposed to risks

    One of the new adaptive analytics pattern we implemented successfully multtiple times is for instance to discover non-compliance in business processes, report on them and adapt to the enterprise evolutions over time.