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1 shekhar virdi commented Permalink

Hi all,

Functions already available with z/VSE V5.1, you get supplemental enhancements that are designed to:
-Support innovative IBM zEnterprise EC12 technology
-Configurable Crypto Express4S
-OSA-Express4S 1000BASE-T
-Support enhanced IBM System Storage options
-IBM System Storage TS1140
-IBM System Storage TS7700 Virtualization Engine Release 3.0
-IBM System Storage DS8870
-IBM Storwize V7000 Release 6.4
-Allow 64-bit Input/Output (I/O) processing for applications
-Enhance IPv6/VSE 1.1 (TCP/IP stack)
-Security enhancements provide Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support for IPv4 and IPv6 communication
-Layer 2 support for IPv4 links in addition to IPv6 links
-z/VSE database connector enhancements (connection pooling)
-Configurable input buffers for HiperSockets devices
These enhancements will be made available with PTFs for z/VSE V5.1.

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