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Comments (3)

1 Mary Gorczynski commented Permalink

Good stuff and very timely when companies are looking for ways to save energy as well as money. In hard economic times optimization is the name of the game.

2 Tiffany Winman commented Permalink

MEO, MYO, sounds like the name of a cat. ;)

Glad to see IBM helping the world become a little greener! Is this the first energy management solution Maximo has released or do we have others?

3 Karl Helbig commented Permalink

Tiffany, although Maximo Asset Management has been around for many, many years, the Energy Optimization solution is the first of its kind. We do have several products as part of our energy management solution portfolio, including IBM Tivoli Monitoring for Energy Management, and Tivoli Business Service Management to name just a few. We'll cover these solutions in more detail in future blog posts.

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