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1 Tiffany Winman commented Trackback

So, Karl, historically, where were energy costs mainly coming from and where are they projected to come from in the future?

2 Karl Helbig commented Trackback

Tiffany, if you are wondering what's consumed/consuming the most energy and where that's headed, let me try to shed some light on that. First off, buildings account for 40% of worldwide energy consumption, and believe it or not, it's estimated that up to 30% of that energy is wasted. Can you imagine? And of course there's the data center. Energy consumed by the IT infrastructure is significant, and is growing quickly and at an unsustainable rate. In many cases, especially in the IT infrastructure, the way assets are deployed and managed is inefficient – the amount of power required for the data center to operate compared to the amount of energy actually used by technology assets or computing is staggering, And that's probably not going to change until companies themselves decide to do something about it. And well they should, because as you can probably guess, reducing energy usage across these areas of the infrastructure presents a huge opportunity for cost savings.

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