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1 Tiffeni Woodhams commented Trackback

Those are great questions.
Additionally, you should consider asking yourself these questions that relate to, "What's the Value of this Data to the organization?"

1. Do you have a plan for recovery of that data if lost or corrupted?
2. How fast is that data growing?
3. How are you dealing with that data growth?
By attending the Storage and Information Infrastructure track at Pulse 2010, you'll find the answers to the questions I've added along with answers to any additional questions you may have concerning your storage, data, and information management.

2 Pete Marshall commented Trackback

The BIG questions for the HOT TOPICS track at Pulse:

- what's on the mind of my fellow CIO's and IT strategists?
- cloud computing is a great idea, so how can I effectively move my existing business systems?
- can someone share their successful cloud implementation story with me?
- cloud is great in theory, so what are the specific opportunities in my industry?
- how do I lower costs and improve service through virtualization?
- how do I leverage IT in the real world and start making my business part of a "Smarter Planet"?
- how can I leverage the benefits of software as a service and appliances to lower costs and improve quality?
- how much process integration is enough, and what's the right balance between big projects and point solution implementations?
- how do I manage the data juggernaut?
- how do I get my development and operations people to work together to improve my end-user's lives?
- what are the best practices in managing mobile devices and maintaining a secure environment?
- as we roll out smart solutions, can we avoid making all the same mistakes we made when moving to the Internet?
I'll post more soon...

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