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Comments (4)

1 Tiffeni Woodhams commented Trackback

I agree that the guest speaker selection makes a lot of sense with regards to building a smarter planet. It will be interesting to hear what Al Gore has to say.

2 Tiffany Winman commented Trackback

I'm so excited Al Gore is speaking at Pulse 2010!!! He's a perfect match for our green and sustainability efforts. I hope we can promote some type of environmental charity event or activity at Pulse (per Pete Marshall's suggestion).

3 Jason Meiers commented Permalink

We need a new Tivoli Leader. Al Zollar has lost it. Tivoli custoemrs are Oil, Gas and Transportation. Can't believe he fell for this myth.

4 Jennifer Dennis commented Permalink

Opinions of our selection of guest speaker are welcome. Personal insult and attacks are not. Please edit your post.

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