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Comments (4)

1 Debora Cole commented Permalink

Jacqi, this is a great summary of the benefits of web content syndication IBM is offering its Business Partners at no charge. Before moving back to covering channel communications for ICS/Lotus and Rational, I was the project manager for web syndication for ICS/Lotus. It seems to me, this benefit is a no-brainer. It is a simple and affordable (no-cost) benefit that allows our Business Partners to deliver consistent IBM product and solution content to our mutual clients. And, with this new syndication vendor, Shared Vue, content syndication can be an excellent lead generation tool.

2 Jacqi Levy commented Permalink

Deb, I agree. Thanks so much for sharing your feedback on this post!

3 Afzal Ali commented Permalink

I found this post very helpful. Thanks for the information. I have just enabled the syndication on my company site. Many Thanks.

4 Jacqi Levy commented Permalink

@Afzal Glad you found the post useful!

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