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1 Kristi Cates commented Permalink

IBM provides the most complete products and services for fast-growing companies while providing leads from IBM marketing, assisting in new customer growth and building a steadier revenue stream. IBM Global Financing also offers 0% financing making it easy to start increasing profitability quickly. This shows to be a very unique opportunity for IBM, it's business partners and their customers.

2 Reed Gesteland commented Permalink

How do we get setup to receive marketing leads from IBM for these types of deals?

3 Jacqi Levy commented Permalink

@Reed My apologies for the delay in responding! I usually get an email for each new comment but apparently the system has been a bit glitchy.

To answer your question, Authorized IBM Software Value Plus Partners can automatically receive new midmarket sales leads (valued at $50,000 (USD/EU) or below) through IBM's Global Business Partner Portal. IBM will track incoming sales leads, evaluate the skills and capabilities as required by the client, and notify qualified and authorized IBM Software partners through the portal in markets where skilled partners are available. For more information, you can check out: www.ibm.com/partnerworld/softwarevalueplus.

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