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1 Faisal Abdul Rahman commented Permalink

IBM I believe has one of the best social media strategies of the major US companies. Its meaningful carries substance and clear intent.

Unfortunately all the strategies are US (or at best Western Europe) based.
Wish even just a tiny fraction trickles down to our geography which is the Middle East – as IBM here is more like half dead rat than an aggressive cheetah.
Same old business strategy – the money has always come from the US why should we look elsewhere! While I am talking about Social Media mainly – but even things like being serious about Business Partners – IBM is extremely serious and you can tell the focus – again almost nothing in the Middle East with the Business Partner initiative.
Guess life carries on ....
Shafiq Hamid

2 cecil grass commented Permalink

I've actually found many leads using sales lists such as those maintained at http://www.usdatacorporation.com/consumer_lists.php. They have been very comprehensive and saved me a lot of time.

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