The planned upgrade to Connections version 5 has been postponed. The upgrade date will be posted at later time.


1 Daniel Hasa commented   Permalink     No RatingsRatings 0

Hi. Sounds interesting! When will it be available for Android?

2 Jacqi Levy commented   Permalink     No RatingsRatings 0

Hi Daniel,
Right now, my expectation is that an Android version will be available around the November time frame.

3 Charles Levy commented   Permalink     No RatingsRatings 0

I have loaded the app on my iPad. Every time I bring it up, I try to log in and that fails. It says that either my ID or password is incorrect. I use the same userid and password I use on Partnerworld, but it never works with bCase. Any suggestions?

4 Jacqi Levy commented   Permalink     No RatingsRatings 0

Hi Charles,
My apologies for your log-in trouble. During the time period you specified, we were actually experiencing server outages, so you may try logging in again. If the problem persists, you can contact for technical support.

5 Rick Kitchens commented   Permalink     No RatingsRatings 0

Hey Jacqi, I love the idea and even purchased an iPad so I could make use of this. I downloaded bCase from iTunes but when I sign in and get the dashboard, nothing else happens when I click on one of the items, i.e., "cloud". It moves to a blank screen. I can slide out the tab on the right of the screen, but each numbered slide is blank. Do you have any ideas as to how to make this work?


6 Jacqi Levy commented   Permalink     No RatingsRatings 0

Hi Rick, have you tried bCase technical support? Their email address is: They would be best positioned to answer any troubleshooting questions and would also know if we are experiencing any service outages that might be causing your issue.

7 carlos de la garza commented   Permalink     No RatingsRatings 0

Hi Jacqui
i have the same problem that Rick, i send a email to suport, do yuo have some news?


8 Jacqi Levy commented   Permalink     No RatingsRatings 0

Hi Carlos, thank you for bringing this to my attention! We have been having some server issues that were causing the problems that you and Rick both experienced. The support team confirms that those issues have now been resolved. Please do let me know if you have any further problems.

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