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1 barbara kennedy commented Permalink

This change in focus for System z is huge - and is a metaphor for all of computing. In such few years we have gone from the very back office to everyone's purse and pocket and hands with mobile phones and Blackberries! Would love to hear from others with a history of 'Growing up z'.

2 Tiffany Winman commented Trackback

Outside-in-Design teams gotta love you: "Until we learn to manage the applications in the same way they are used, that is from the customer's perspective, we will continue to struggle with the reputation of IT as being a stumbling block to business instead of a driver of business."

So, how about Cloud computing? This is top of mind lately as I've been working on the launch of the new Cloud computing community
What role does something as historically old school as System z have to play in this big, bright new world?

3 Noah Kuttler commented Permalink

Fantastic post, Butch. Companies benefit from empowered customers. They save money on resources. They strengthen their brand by enabling their customers the ability to get more out of their product. It's interesting to note that a number of companies provide the same "screens" (web pages) to their employees and their customers. When customers call in for support, they are using the exact same system. Contrast that to 20 years ago and the travel industry, for instance, where only travel agents ("power users") had access to these systems and it was a cryptic process for the customer.

4 barbara kennedy commented Permalink

Butch - I'm anxious for more news - what's the next step?

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