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1 Tiffany Winman commented Trackback

Your mainframe history and experience are such great assets. I'm so excited to read your future blog entries. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge and facilitating conversations with the experienced and newer generations of System z technologists!


2 barbara kennedy commented Permalink

So - how different is z today? Is it just 'more' or 'better' or 'different'?

3 Butch Rambish commented Permalink

I wouldn't term it better or worse. From a management perspective it's a challenge with a shrinking set of skills. IBM has college iniatives to grow these skills. It will be interesting to see if a new generation of z trained people hit the work force. Much of what we do today and how we do it is predicated on the past experience and skills of the maturing work force. It will also be interesting to see how the younger generation's experiences and backgrounds change the way we do things in z.

4 Eric Condon commented Permalink

Hi Butch. I'm a new Sysprog. I moved into this position from the distributed side a little over a year ago and love it. We are a smallish shop so I've been able to get involved in a lot of things - z/OS migration, ISV upgrades, RACF, storage management, workload scheduling, SMP/E, and some REXX programming. I've enjoyed it very much so far. Also, through IBM's academic initiative, I hooked up with Marist College's System z Certificate program and am looking forward to year two this fall. I have 2 excellent mentors with over 30 years of mainframming experience each. I would not have been able to get along very well this past year without their willingness to take very active rolls in my development as a systems programmer. I was able to attend SHARE this spring and was happy to learn of the zNextGen community designed for people like me who are new to the mainframe.
I look forward to hearing more of your experiences.

5 Bob Molerio commented Permalink

I don't see much opportunity unless your shop in is keeping its mainframe or is looking to obtain one. I've taken the (zOS centric) system z program @ Marist and it hasn't help me in my search for a mainframe role despite my 20 yrs experience on the distributed side. Mainframe shops need to do more to attract entry level or transitional sysprogs(sysadmins). IBM could do more by lowering the cost of training ie: flexible financing for classes. IBM and the scholls that do offer mainframe classes need to offer more of the mainframe OS's like zVM, zLinux, and zVSE online.

6 Diane Johnson commented Permalink

re: education - there's some amazing education e-learning for any System z technologist Check it out. Affordable. Flexible. Comprehensive. Robust. All delivered for you to use wherever you work or play.

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