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Comments (3)

1 IBM Bluerelais commented Permalink

when the bluerelais site was available people used to complain that they could not discuss any subject.. now that we have this possibility I don't see much action in this area.....
So : I will show the example and start a first entry in this subject....
My (Guy Przytula) hobby is genealogy.. research on ancestors of my wife...
have a look at : http://www.przytula.net/Gaethofs/Gaethofs.html where you can see some results...
I used to spent much time on this.. but now... my available time has been reduced....
I am using genopro for the moment as software....

2 Francois Mees commented Permalink

Vriendelijke groeten iedereen

3 Johan Charles commented Permalink

Hi just joined Blue Relais.
My (Johan Charles) hobby is walking.
Is there any organization for this kind of hobby amongst the Blue Relais team?
Is there interest in organizing walks for Blue Relais people?

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