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Comments (2)

1 Mike Edwards commented Permalink

You are 100% correct Social Media Day is a big deal.
It seems there is a very fine line out there right now which is not too difficult to cross, between promoting yourself or your business and out and out Spamming.
Do you think the networks will ever be able to control this properly?

2 Delaney Turner commented Permalink

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the comment. Yes, there is indeed a fine line between sharing and spamming. Though I'd argue that the definition of "spam" is up to the recipient - Some people may enjoy reading everything @Scobleizer posts each day; others may not. Also, users always have the opportunity to unfollow, delete or block anyone they consider "spam."
I think it will be difficult for a system or social media platform to "control" what content gets shared, how often it's shared and with whom. What I think you're more likely to see is users gaining more control over what they receive through their preferences and how they interact with the content. These interactions could be fed back into the platforms to produce a more refined user experience. The more we interact with each other through these platforms, the smarter they'll get about what they serve up, to whom and how.

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