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1 Andy Gurd commented Permalink

Great post Wes,software is becoming increasingly pervasive in these complex systems of systems, and is driving significant amounts of the functionality and innovation in them. However, the software is the not the whole story. These systems have electronic, electrical and often mechanical components all of which must integrate and interact successfully for potentially catastrophic failures to be avoided. Understanding the needs a system must meet, the constraints a system has to operate within, and designing a system architecture of the structure and overall behavior produced by the interacting components (that is optimal in terms of factors like functionality, cost, weight, speed, reliability, availability, resilience, etc.) are some of the vital activities in the critical domain of systems engineering. In addition to capabilities and best practices for software engineering in complex and embedded systems, IBM Rational also provides capabilities and best practices for systems engineering including requirements management, model-based systems design, planning and change management, and test management.

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