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1 Holly Nielsen commented Permalink

Great collection of facts and links, Tiffany, thank you.

2 Samuel Sawatzky commented Permalink

Hi Tiffany

I think it is commendable that IBM is doing so much to embrace social media. I would like to point out, however, that using social media does not make a business a social business.
Sandy Carter has defined a social business as engaging, transparent, and nimble. The use of Social Media covers off engaging, but there is a strong feeling in the IBM Social Business Community (the customers and Business Partners who are engaged in the social media) that IBM is not being transparent about its intentions and plans for the Lotus brand and for Lotus Notes/Domino.
This has been blatantly obvious this week with the Lotus Community call.
Here are some opinions from the community:
I realize you are the IBM Social Media strategist, and that this perhaps does not fall into your purview. If there is a IBM Social Business (Nimbleness) or IBM Social Business (Transparency) strategist, please pass this onto them.

3 Tiffany Winman commented Trackback

Sam, thanks for your time and thoughtful response. I'm aware that folks in the Lotus community are grappling with the future direction of Lotus and their role in that space. I look to Ed Brill, our IBM resident expert in this area, to provide the most illumination here. His last blog post touched on this topic. It's a good read: http://www.edbrill.com/ebrill/edbrill.nsf/dx/whatever-we-call-it

While, to me, IBM is the epitome of a social business, this doesn't mean we don't all have room for growth. :) That said, I don't want to mislead expectations. I first joined IBM because of their focus on user-centered design and their passion to listen to the community when developing their visions and product roadmaps. However, as Ed mentions in his blog post, "how we make decisions at IBM, and when we make them, and how we execute them, is not necessarily always going to be transparent. A social business is transparent, but it isn't a democracy or community."
Notes and Domino continue to be a core element of our Social Business strategy as well as a significant investment for IBM. As our strategy evolves, we will continue to work with our partner community to share news--and, in my opinion, in a very transparent way, as you can see by the very nature of Ed's blog itself.

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