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Comments (5)

1 Jeff Lowrey commented Permalink

This is a fascinating way to completely trivialize both social media and the IBM 100 Sign of Progress.

It turns them all into "WIN FREE STUFF IF YOU CLICK HERE".

2 Tiffany Winman commented Permalink

@Jeff, I think Kate's idea is great. It's a great way for getting folks to study the icons of progress. And everyone loves free stuff. :)

3 Jeff Lowrey commented Permalink

Tiffany - of course you think her idea is great. You posted about it.

But it's nothing more than a cheap marketing gimmick that presumably is only designed to gather followers for Kate and consequently marketing demographics.
And, no, honestly, I really don't want any more logowear, free or otherwise, and I don't love free stuff that I don't want.

4 netbook nookbet commented Permalink

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5 Tiffany Winman commented Permalink

@Jeff You got that right--of course I think it's a great idea since I posted about it. :)

I disagree with you about trivializing the Centennial, however.
Rather than criticizing Kate's idea, what would like to see us do instead? Maybe we can build a plan around that.

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