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16 Darshan Donni commented Permalink

Hello Tiffany,

Here goes:
Your name: Darshan Donni
IBM title : Staff Software Engineer, Cognos Customer Success and Support
Scope of your blog: General information about Cognos BI
Blog URL : http://cognoscommentary.blogspot.com
Thank you.

17 Manav Gupta commented Permalink

Your name: Manav Gupta

IBM title: Service Management Solution Architect
Scope of your blog: Tivoli Technical Advisor. A quarterly magazine which is now maintained as a blog, with a number of other authors. We write on updates in Tivoli, and generally on the ISM strategy & Cloud Computing
Blog URL: https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/mydeveloperworks/blogs/TTA/entry/the_wonderful_world_of_many_eyes79?lang=en#comments

18 Tiffany Winman commented Permalink

Thanks to everyone for listing your blogs so far! It's great to see the number of IBMers blogging and interacting with the public.

I also have a blog. My info is:
Tiffany Winman
IBM Software social media strategist
I blog on social media, networking, and community interactions and developments.

19 Shaku Selvakumar commented Permalink

Hi Tiffany,
Name: Shaku Selvakumar
IBM Title: Global Web and Social Media Strategist, Smart Work and WebSphere
Scope: The Impact Blog will cover all pertinent news and views around our key campaigns and events
Blog URL: www.ibm.com/impact/blog

20 Steven Webb commented Permalink

Hi Tiffany,
Here is our blog information for the AIM KEs:
Name: Steve Webb
Title: WebSphere and CICS Support blog
Scope of blog: Technical support content from multiple authors in the Level 2 and Knowledge Engineering teams. We blog about multiple WebSphere and CICS products including WebSphere Application Server, MQ, Commerce, Process Server, Message Broker, Business Modeler, Business Monitor, Adapters, DataPower, CICS and CICS Tools.
Blog URL: http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/mydeveloperworks/blogs/aimsupport/?lang=en

21 Jacques Pavlenyi commented Permalink

Hi Tiffany, thanks for collecting this! I'm one of four primary bloggers for The SametimeBlog, along with John Delpizzo, Marlon Machado and Rob Ingram.

Me: Jacques Pavlenyi
Title: Market Segment Manager - Unified Communications Software
Scope: The SametimeBlog: the Sametime team's official blog
Blog URL: http://www.ibm.com/sametimeblog

22 Elisabeth Stahl commented Permalink

Hi Tiffany,
Great idea !

Elisabeth Stahl
Chief Technical Strategist, Performance Marketing
Benchmarking and Systems Performance - focus on hardware and software performance

23 Rajib Bhattacharya commented Permalink

Your name - Rajib Bhattacharya

IBM title - System Software Engineer
Scope of your blog - IBM Cognos
Blog URL - http://rajibbhattacharya.blogspot.com

24 Andrew Ivory commented Permalink

Your name: Andy Ivory
IBM title: WAS Communications Enabled Applications Feature Pack Architect
Scope of your blog: Thoughts and opinions on WebSphere Application Server's Communications Enabled Applications (CEA) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) capabilities.
Blog URL: http://ibmcea.blogspot.com/

25 Noah Kuttler commented Permalink

Noah Kuttler

Integrated Service Management Marketing
My personal blog is personal stuff, so for work-related items I blog on the Service Management blog. Which is all about 1960's Corvettes...and and every now and again we talk about service management :-P
The URL is at https://www-950.ibm.com/blogs/59c1123b-0353-458e-a719-b002d84108d5?lang=en_us

26 Anthony Holmes commented Permalink

Hi Tiffany,

Here are the details of my blog:
My name: Anthony Holmes
IBM title: Accelerated Value Leader
Blog title: Working Collaboration
Scope of my blog: Technology themes, with a focus on the considerations of my enterprise customers and especially related to Lotus Collaboration software. Best practice advice on configuring new features, including a lot of Notes/Domino advice.
Blog URL: http://www.workingcollaboration.com

27 Jason O'Donnell commented Permalink

Jason O'Donnell, Rational Client Support

Notes from Rational Support
(fyi, same blog which Kelly Smith posts/manages)
Thank you!

28 James Mathewson commented Permalink

Hi Tiff,

Name: James Mathewson
Blog name: Writing for Digital Audiences (the companion blog for the book "Audience, Relevance and Search: Targeting Web Audiences with Relevant Content," with Frank Donatone)
Title: Global Search Strategy and Expertise Lead
Scope: Digital content strategy, SEO, SEM, Social Media and Web analytics
URL: writingfordigital.com

29 Andrew Ferrier commented Permalink

Hi, I (Andrew Ferrier, IT Specialist) blog about WebSphere ESB, Process Server, and WebSphere Service Registry and Repository at http://soatipsntricks.wordpress.com/.

30 Jennifer Dennis commented Permalink

Hello Stranger! It's me again! Jen Dennis, IBM Communications. I blog about Pulse and Integrated Service Mangement @ ibm.com/blogs/pulse. Heard of it? LOL

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