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Could you confirm that this technique can be used in a chart? It seems to always appear blank when used as a measure.

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Interesting article. Thank you for the contribution.

However, I have a need that I have been unable to find a solution to. I have a report that on a TM1 cube and the columns required YTD calculations (totals) on. The issue is that the report, of course, needs to be changed every month. This returns the correct result:
total([Actual] within set periodstodate([package].[Period].[Period].[Month],[Jul_11])). However, I need to be able to replace the [Jul_11] with a parameter value based on the user prompt, if I continue to use periodstodate. I have tried the subset function, but it fails if within the periodstodate or total function, but is fine outside of that or the total function.
Help. This thing has whipped me. :-)

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Hello, I just cant get this work ... I really need this in my report... Can you help?

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