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This is great info! Now, why isn't it in the manual!!! Or flashing link on the plan and install Cognos 10 page, or labeled "upgrade best practices" so people can actually search for it on the IBM site. I stumbled across it using google for crying out loud. (Twiddling thumbs for three+ hours so far waiting for the 90MB Content Store and all reports to upgrade.)

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>3. Is it recommended to make a copy of the content store database and then point >the new environment to it? Or is it recommended to create a black database for the >content store, then export and import?
>The recommendation is to make a copy of the Cognos 8.x content store database >and point Cognos 10.1 at this copy and have it upgraded on startup.

Can we do it for migration of Reportnet 1.1 to Cognos 10? So instead of exporting the content from Reportnet and then importing it to Cognos 10 just to point a Cognos 10 server to a copy of Reportnet Content Manager database?

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