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Can't get it to run. Does it only ran on Cognos 8.4?

2 ROCHELYN GAMAO commented   Permalink     No RatingsRatings 0

does this work on C10? I followed the steps on C10 and the no diagram was displayed.

3 Jonathan Slater commented   Permalink     No RatingsRatings 0

As noted in the documentation this doesn't work for Cognos 8.3, I tried it just in case! The tool looks interesting.

4 Rami Naim commented   Permalink     No RatingsRatings 0

Hi Fraser Anderson,

I tried to install this graphic tool on my test Cognos environment version 10.2
it looks this tool doesn't work on this Cognos version.
Because Cognos 10.2 works with JAVA version 1.7 ,I changed the java version in Batch file.
I got the "Cognos Configuration Analyzer" , then i typed the dispatcher detailes but i didn't get the diagram,
Even i changed to anonymous the ability to login cognos.
Is there any option to help me to work with this tool?
My email for response is :
Kind Regards,

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