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Brad, good question. We are seeing a number of labels of case management in the marketplace as customers, analysts and vendors search for ways to define this "next generation" of capabilities that are being developed to solve new case management problems. Frankly, much of this is vendor speak and I am not sure there are real differences in the various terms being used (advanced, adaptive, dynamic, smart, etc...). Now, I am sure that statement would spark a debate in the vendor community as each vendor tries to differentiate their solutions. But what is really important here? What are the real business challenges customers are having? Are there solutions to those problems that significantly add value to how the customer operates today? Can that solution be applied in a way that creates a hard return on investment, competitive differentiation and also protects the business against risk? It is hard to sum all that up in a single adjective (but we keep trying). To your question, I would say we should not try and create different definitions but focus on delivering innovation that delivers real value.

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