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Comments (8)

1 Giuseppe Robbiati commented Permalink

Which of these editions will be included in Lotus Domino Messaging License?

2 WILLIAM KULJU commented Permalink

Giuseppe - We're still working with the Lotus Domino Messaging development team to determine which limited use Sametime 9.0 software should be included in an upcoming version of Lotus Domino Messaging to ensure those customers get to enjoy the same Sametime capabilities that they enjoy today.

3 Giuseppe Robbiati commented Permalink

Many thanks William for your reply! Please consider the following (personal) considerations about the sametime entry entitlement included with 8.5:
- having presence+im is nice, but I would expect at least file transfer feature to be included in the basic entitlement :)
- It would help a lot for sametime adoption if in the "entry" license would be included the mobile client, with the same limitations of the deskto client (presence,im and eventually file trasnfer)....

Just my 2 cents ;)

4 Luca Perico commented Permalink

We can mix the license i.e. 100 Comunicate and 10 Complete or Conference on the same infrastructure ?

5 Stefan Müller commented Permalink

Maybe it should be in par with the microsoft lync functionality ...

6 SHI RONG LUO commented Permalink

It will be better if you can list out all versions of sametime in a comparison table, with functions&features and limitations. which is much easier to read and understand.

7 Michael Heim commented Permalink

Hello, not sure if this is the right place to ask. Recently I spoke with my customer. They stated about the new license requirements. They told me that Sametime Advance needs a DB2 Enterprise Edition and Sametime Meeting needs a DB2 Workgroup Edition.

Question: Is it possible to use for both the DB2 Enterprise Edition? Or what is recommended by IBM?

8 Christer Eriksson commented Permalink


Is it ok to install sametime communicate and limit the installation to look like the limited edition?
Then it´s possible to move users to the new infrastructure with the set off communicate.
Is it a fuzzy question'?

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