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Comments (5)

1 Anders Kjellnér commented Permalink

Hey guys i think you have done a great job with the 8.5 version. Looking forward to test the A/V using the browser later on ....

You all have a god christmas now.

2 System Administrator commented Permalink

Nice to see this is finally out - now if only those of use with Limited Use / Entry Licenses had it showing in Passport Advantage?
Only the old 8.0.2 is available at the moment?

3 Pierre Passin commented Permalink

Just attended the Sunday session on Sametime 8.5 and I have to admit I was totally floored:
- Enormous complexity (minimum 6 servers, more if you want to separate internal and DMZ)
- no A/V from the browser. That to me is the killer. Who can distribute Sametime clients to external attendees in advance of a meeting ? I can barely get them to put the JRE.

So for us, we will upgrade to Sametime 8.5 classic and keep the meetings there until we found a "cloud" solution at which point we will only keep the communities (and stop paying for sametime licenses).

4 Vincent Pihouee commented Permalink

Was excited to see the new version and, now I'm kind of disapointed to see that finally you make Sametime for domino a "nightmare"... Now it's not only one server that we need but at least 4 servers. Combine Lotus domino+ Websphere+ DB2 ... for only a chat system and a meeting tool!?
Since 3 days I'm fighting with the upgrade doc. Hope I will see a real advantage to use it because right now I can told you that the upgrade process is not clear and not up to date (Convert the domino to ldap by copying manually files who doesn't exist....).

Maybe I will change my mind when the upgrade will be finish, and everything will works correctly...
hope so.

5 System Administrator commented Permalink

The complexity required for a Sametime Entry install is insane -
especially as it won't install against a Domino 8.5.1 server.
Highly disappointed - this type of fragmentation makes it harder to fight the Domino / Notes detractors!

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