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1 Marc Pagnier commented Permalink

And don't forget to check the video where some of these UX enhancements (and more) are being highlighted: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FuTghCZphk

2 Katie Classick commented Permalink

I don't see any way to mark a message as urgent in Sametime 9. Can you advise?

3 Marc Pagnier commented Permalink

@Katie. "urgent messages" are typically a messaging capability (to accelerate the delivery of an email) but there are indeed ways to send urgent messages in Sametime.
First, all instant messages are delivered in real-time. If your recipient is online, the number of "unread" instant messages will display, thus providing an implicit sense of urgency. And if your recipient happens to be offline (ex: in a plane), the messages will be queued up for later retrieval.
For urgent messages, Sametime also allows you to send "announcements" to an individual or a group. These messages will pop-up on your recipient's screen (even on a mobile device), then quietly disappear (this is configurable). This is very useful for situations when you want to quickly provide critical notifications (ex: an application being down, a company event starting, etc.).

4 Derek Rubright commented Permalink

I like the user interface, but I am attempting to change the chat window, so that names are listed again on the tabbed interface, instead of pictures. Some people don't have pictures, and see the names again would make it much easier for me to work. I have changed this in group chats, but can't find it with individual chats.

5 Derek Rubright commented Permalink

Please ignore my previous comment. Reading the instructions helps.

I do have another question. Is there a way to sort the member list of a group chat alphabetically vs time of joining ?

6 kevin canfield commented Permalink

I would like to 2nd Dereks question about sorting multi user chats alphabetically. Time of invitation is not necessarily as important/useful a listing format as Alphabetical would is.

7 Razvan Popescu commented Permalink

Hmm, no1 finds confusing and frustrating the fact that the group chat names don't preserve the initial name, but just show the person who invited you?

8 Wasu Kerdket commented Permalink

Hi all,

Not sure if someone already posted here as search return no result on Sametime 9 announcement button has been removed from main contact list screen.
We are Service Desk and the announcement button is needed to be quick and easy to access but now on ST- v.9 have to right click and select send announcement which slow down our work process by notification delay 2 second across the team !
2 Second is sound nothing for some team but here in service desk with all cases & calls SLA attached, 2 second is mean a lot to us.
We have looked in to the ST preference and setting tried to bring the button back on main contact list screen, unfortunately no luck.
Some of our colleagues has down graded back to an older version.
Any idea how to activate the announcement button back on main contact list screen ?

9 Marlon Machado commented Permalink

@Wasu Kerdket: You guys should use the Broadcast Communities feature of the Advanced Server. It was designed precisely for service desk use cases. Broadcast Communities includes an Announcement feature as well as Skill Tap, Broadcast Chat and Instant Polls and all those capabilities can be accessed with one click right from the toolbar on the main window.

10 Steven Collins commented Permalink

I 3rd Derek's comment about group chat being organized by name and not time of joining.. I hope there is a setting because my company is slow to move to new versions.

11 Jake Hartsock commented Permalink

I 4th Derek's comment. The time of someone joining a chat is irrelevant when hosting large chats and makes it almost impossible to find someone when the participants get larger than 20.

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