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1 Tripp Black commented Permalink

I've been "away" from the blog for several weeks, but am happy to post...

The CEBP is so high level thatt is all well-and-good, but as a small to large business consultant, I'm more interested in specific but still "general" attributes of Sametime and UC:
1. How easy is it to install and support. Once you get passed Sametime Standard, you are no longer talking performing a function that an average Domino admin can do in an afternoon. The deployment and configuration is anything but plug-and-play.
2. How easy is it to configure with other ST gateways, Google-chat, Cisco, Skype, Asterisk/Trixbox, etc. As with #1, the gateway instructions are pretty thorough, but the chance of a perfect setup are tough unless the server is in a VM with snapshots you can roll back to if something is messed up. (It's generally quicker to start over otherwise than to spend hours if not days troubleshooting what went wrong.)
3. Web is synonymous for most other players because they have no other "rich-client legacy" for 20 years on which IBM can leverage.
4. The infrastructure cost for the SMB is large enough that having a hybrid Lotus Live and on-site e-mail & apps makes sense.
5. We highly leverage our Standard client's sidebar for custom widgets. Our core ones are Notes-based as our apps are Notes-based. However, most of the other ones are web based. One is our open-source phone system's user interface - normally it's nothing but a web page, where you can play voice mail, file them, look at history, set-up follow-me, etc. We made it more sidebar friendly (resized to more mobile type use). Although it isn't truly UC2, it does most of what UC2 does -- auto launches into the sidebar as an app, it auto logons w/our ids and passwords (account settings via widget wizard), and it does everything but click-to-dial.
For us UC is not so much a philosophy to be debated, how far can we push the Notes client on a small budget and re-leverage what we have in ways that make us more productive within our Notes Client since our mail and internal apps are there.

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