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Comments (3)

1 Chris Reckling commented Permalink

nice demo! It's a pretty full featured web chat client, for sure.

2 Henry Ferlauto commented Permalink


Nice job, but you seriously need to use a better microphone. The audio quality is too "weak."
The 20 second intro sounded perfect, which it should since it's obvious that it was created in a studio.
A better microphone and some basic audio enhancements would make this video much more effective.

3 John Del Pizzo commented Permalink


Thanks for the comment. I'm still working through a few of the mechanics on this end. The meetings video was recorded with my laptop's built-in mic and I had to do a lot of post production editing to remove hardrive & fan noise. This video was recorded with a USB speakerphone. No background noise, but apparently, not as clear. I'm going to try a USB mic next. and attempt to match the volume levels with the intro on the next one.

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